Floor Coating for Bird Nest Processing Factory

Are you looking for food grade epoxy floor coating for your food processing factory. We have recently have a client that need us to redo their floor in their bird nest processing factory. The client is not happy with their floor coating work done by previous contractor. The existing floor coating was peeling off and they cannot pass the food production certificate inspection. The client wanted us to repair the concrete floor and re-coat the epoxy floor coating.










The client cannot shut down their production, so we have to complete the job one section at a time. We also cannot produce dust that will contaminate their valuable goods, bird nest. We have the keep the dust level as low as possible when we are doing floor preparation. They also have many equipment and apparatus in their factory. We have to work carefully without painting on the wrong things.













Finally, we finish the work without disturbing their operation. The client is very happy with our work!


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